Saturday, September 3, 2011

Northeastern Pennsylvania

I started adding links to my sidebar for sites that I find useful, sites like Pennsylvania CareerLink, the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission, and the Penn's Northeast economic development homepage. As I added these sites I realized I had skipped over something essential in my Introduction post - namely, the fact that I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Northeastern Pennsylvania is a beautiful place with a long history of hard work. Once the center of Pennsylvania's anthracite coal mining industry, it still bears the scars of that industry, and the people retain the traits that allowed their forebears to survive the harsh life of coal mining - and not merely survive, but raise families and build communities. Commitment to family and community are hallmarks of the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Northeastern Pennsylvania is also a center for education, home to the University of Scranton, King's College, Wilkes University, Marywood University, Misericordia University, East Stroudsburg University, several Penn State campuses, the Commonwealth Medical College, and several other colleges.

Aside from a two-year stay in Delaware, I have lived my entire life in Northeastern Pennsylvania. My family is here, and I own a home here - the home that previously belonged to my grandmother, a place where I spent many happy days in my youth. 

Despite my background and credentials, my inclination is to stay close to this area for the time being. So I am looking for employment opportunities in or near Northeastern Pennsylvania - or, alternately, for employment opportunities in which location is not an issue. For some employers the ideal job candidates would be ones who are willing to relocate at the drop of a hat. Other employers are looking for employees who are grounded and stable in their location. I fall into the second category. I hope this is not detrimentally limiting in my search for new employment opportunities.

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